He said it was just hormones – 7th July 2002

Sunday 7th  I went to Mum’s primary school this week to help her with the visits from the children going to into her class next year. That’s about all I’ve done actually.

On Friday I got the train to Lincoln to see Jonas again. I avoided the Huddersfield route but ended up getting stuck in Sheffield for an hour after a train there made toilet stops at each station because the train loos were broken. I got to Gainsborough eventually and Jonas was waiting on the platform. He gave me a kiss and asked for a hug and was very smiley. I’d been pissed off when I spoke to him on the phone because of the trains but he didn’t seem to care.

When we arrived at his auntie’s house, we watched the film Road Trip and got up to level 5. Yesterday we walked into Gainsborough but there’s not much to do. We went to sleep for a bit and then Jonas asked me if I had any secretary-style clothes. Jonas sighed (nicely) and when I asked why, he said it was because he’s “content like this”. It was very nice. 🙂 He bleached his hair yesterday as well but it didn’t go too blonde which I’m quite glad about!

Jonas’s cousin Emma came round with baby Joseph and Jonas was really sweet with him He’s really cute.

Jonas told me lots that he loves me and missed me when I wasn’t with him.

We went to Jonas’s mum’s for Sunday lunch today. We then went back to his auntie’s to check the train times and dye Jonas’s hair red. I’ve ended up with red streaks in mine too cos Jonas persuaded me to let him put some in. He said he loves me and didn’t want me to go.

I got in a slight strop/panic cos I thought I was going to miss my train (I didn’t) but he said it didn’t matter. He’s really good when it comes to putting up with any moods I get into! He said last week’s huff didn’t matter either cos it was just hormones. At least he realised why it was. Most lads probably wouldn’t. He’s very understanding.

I do enjoy being with Jonas on my own in a whole house. It’s really nice. 🙂 When I got home, I had an email from him and I phoned him to say night night.


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