I went without a shower for 3 days – 22nd June 2002

Saturday 22nd  The fieldtrip was hell. Last year they went to Malta, the Geography lot went to Switzerland and we get dumped in South Wales. Woohoo.

The place we stayed in was awful. From the outside it looked okay but once inside, ugh! It was freezing cold, the rooms were tiny and full of midges and it was just generally crap. I shared a room with Jen and Sally which we were very pleased about cos we could’ve been with the old people. However, we couldn’t actually get into our room at first due to the door handle being knackered. Once we did get in, the stuff we put on the floor (mainly clothes) ended up damp because of a wet patch across half the room.

After a particularly unpleasant tea on the 1st night, Sally, Jen and I decided to have a shower. We found some in the block that were pretty nasty looking with brown patches on the walls and hair clogging up the plug, but we were told they were for staff and ours were across the car park. The ones for us were 10 times worse. They were cold with muddy puddles full of grass on the floor, a vast collection of dead insects scattered around, cobwebs in the windows and brown/yellow stains everywhere. They looked like they hadn’t been cleaned for years. The showers themselves were pathetic trickles that took about 10 minutes to warm up and we later found out the water came from a stream (probably full of dead sheep).

If being traumatised by having daddy long legs flying round in the shower wasn’t enough, on my way out I spotted it. The biggest fucking moth I have EVER seen was sat on the door to get out. It was kind of sparrow-sized and I was sooo scared of it flying at me. It stayed there all week too and even the lads were scared to shift the thing. At one point I went without a shower for 3 days just cos of the moth!

We were out doing fieldtrips every day. Some were awful, e.g. when Dr V took 2 hours to explain something that could’ve taken 5 minutes while we were being eaten alive by midges and missing our dinner. Some, like the trips to the beach and rock pools, I quite enjoyed. We visited Port Talbot steelworks (Corus), sand dunes and rock pools at the Gower Peninsula, mud, beaches and a pub.

The fieldtrips would’ve been much more bearable had we not had Dr V rambling on and on and on. Just as you thought he’d stopped talking, he started again, usually due to an old person or Ben asking a question. Even the other lecturers got bored!

Another annoying thing about the damn trip was that we missed most of the World Cup. Just before we had to do our presentations on the last day (ours was on the rock pools – me, Jen and Sally did it) we got to watch England lose to Brazil on a tiny fuzzy black and white TV. Oh joy.

The whole trip just got to the point when it was so bad it was funny. On nights, we were working til 11:30pm and watched Archie trying to force down a shepherd’s pie, which he hates. Poor Julie even had to have her birthday there.

I got to know people I’d never really spoken to before and I found I got on really well with Sally. We talked loads and I found out she knows Pierced Sam who’s living with Jonas next year. We’ve got the same taste in lads, clothes, music and hate talking to our parents about lad stuff. She’s been going out with her boyfriend Harvey for a long time too. It’s just weird how I’ve never really bothered with her before because we’ve mainly stuck with people we met in Freshers Week.

Kevin managed to not only piss me off this week but piss off just about everyone else there too. Most people got to know and like each other more but Kevin just annoyed everyone. Here is a list of examples:

  • Jen was telling us how her Scalextric has trucks on it and we were all quite impressed. Kevin then felt the need to better her and reeled of loads of cars he’s got on his.
  • When we had a quiz, Kevin was so determined that his team beat me, Jen, Archie and Sally that he even pissed Ben off who was a member of his team. Ben later told me (on one of his many night time rants in our room about Kevin) that he was actually hoping we’d beat them because of Kevin!
  • Jen put the tiniest bit of vodka in Archie’s pint and Kevin said very loudly how immature it was, I think in the hope Archie might be grateful.
  • Kevin basically said people from council estates are scum. Jen lives on a council estate.

There were many more incidences of Kevin being a prick but I’d be here forever if I wrote them all down.

Ooh, I’ve just remembered another… During our presentation of our project, Kevin said to Archie, “I bet that’s all she’s gonna do” about me when I was changing slides. He was wrong. Grrr! However, Rick and Ben called Kevin “Shit” all week. It started cos they’d called him “Tidy Ida” for folding his underwear and stuff. He didn’t like that so Rick pointed out they could call him much worse, e.g. Shit. Ha ha!

Ben also commented on the fact that Kevin always goes on about the size of his speakers. Ben started saying stuff like, “Which speakers are those then? I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention them.” Hee hee!

I spoke to Jonas twice when I was in Wales. He said he loves me and misses me but wasn’t doing much but working in a wood yard. He said I could stay at his auntie’s house with him while he looks after it. I did get a bit upset once cos I missed him a lot. I can’t wait to see him.


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