Love rats and trust – 9th & 16th June 2002

Sunday 9th  Jonas stayed at mine all this week cos he’s moved all his stuff out of his house and to his mum’s. I really like having him at mine all the time but I kept snapping at him for things like eating all my food. I think I’m a little bit worried about exams etc., I don’t really mean to do it.

I had a Water Science and a Microbiology exam this week. The Water Science one was okay but Microbiology was really hard. It was multiple choice but I couldn’t do it. I’m gonna have to rely on luck!

I went out on Thursday to Bar Non. It was very boring. I got a hug off one off Jill Baines but there was nobody else out really.

Jonas keeps saying he loves me! 🙂 I really don’t want him to go home. It’s going to be horrible not seeing him as much.


Sunday 16th  Jonas went home this week so he can start his job in the woodyard. Before he left, we did stuff. He wanted to leave me something to remember him by but I don’t think I’m going to forget him! It doesn’t feel like I won’t see him for ages. We said goodbye at uni in the car with lots of hugs and kisses. I’m going to miss him so much! I do already.

Violet left this week as well so I’m not entirely sure who’s left now because I never see them.

We went out for Kevin’s birthday on Tuesday but it wasn’t all that exciting. I got upset when I got back to my flat cos I missed Jonas so much. I didn’t think he was going to ring but he did. He’s just been fixing his car and might be back on the 25th. He said he misses me and loves me and he hugged the phone and blew kisses down it! 🙂

Some gimp of a lad who was wearing a matching shirt to his friends came up to me in Warehouse and lifted my chin and said something about turning my frown upside-down. Hazel said the look of disgust on my face was funny. She asked me to go to the cinema tomorrow too. I felt really guilty for some reason. I felt like I shouldn’t be dressed up so things like lads coming on to me wouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t cheat on Jonas but even people coming on to me when he’s not there makes me feel bad, even though it’s not my fault.

I had my last exam on Thursday then Jonas rang me. He said he really misses me now but he didn’t as much before. I told him some creepy lad came on to me because he asked if anyone had. I then asked if he trusted me (I’d been watching Trisha about love rats and trust) but saying that probably made him suspicious. I just want him to know I’d never do anything and I want him to say the same.  I trust him anyway. Ooh, I love Jonas! 🙂

The stage which I’m going to miss Wheatus playing on went up right outside my bloody window on Friday. I’m sooo pissed off! I want to go to the Summer Ball, not on a crappy fieldtrip to Wales.

Jonas started work. He said he’s tired but it was easy and ok. He told me he’s been “bored” twice and was getting excited when I mentioned no knickers and dancing naked in the rain! He said he might get “bored” again! He told me he really does miss me now and he’ll worry something’s happened if I don’t ring from Wales. He said he loves me 🙂 mmm! I really love him and miss him too!


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