Jake can bloody well piss off – 2nd June 2002

Sunday 2nd  I had my Atmospheric Science exam to start this week off and it wasn’t too good at all. I was expecting to have to write an essay at some point in the exam but the entire exam was 3 essays. I don’t think I did too well unless some of my waffling happened purely by chance to be correct. Jonas came round later to cheer me up.

Jonas was happy on Wednesday cos he got some good comments for his work. I actually have no idea how well I’m doing in some subjects. I would quite like to know then I can either not stress or decide to work harder.

On Thursday, there was the school disco that I’m on the flyer for. It was pretty good actually, even though I’ve been to loads. Jonas looked really good in the jeans he cut the bottoms off, a cap and some freckles for eyeliner. He said I looked good too. Rick off my course also told me I was looking good, Fit Phil (Jen named him that – I disagree) from Ben’s flat pinched my arse and so did some others. Dave told Jonas he’s really lucky cos I’m great. That was nice of him. Jonas said he definitely agreed 🙂 I’m lucky to have Jonas too.

When we were in Rock Café, Aletta from Ben’s flat spoke to me. I was surprised cos Archie told me she didn’t like me for some reason and she usually blanks me. I think it’s from the start cos they said we spied on them from our flat and I told Ben that they were being a bit pathetic.

Back at Storthes, Jonas started talking about houses together again. It makes me happy to think we might be together for that long and he’s thinking about it. He did scare me when he said there was a 1% chance I’d meet someone else over the summer. I don’t want him to think that cos he might meet someone as well. I want him to know I don’t want anyone else too.

On Friday, I went home with Jonas and Archie for Abby’s 18th birthday party. It was also a school disco!

[Birthday girls]

All my mates from home were there too so it was good fun. Archie got very, very drunk and snogged Karen. He then got upset cos she then went off and snogged Cat and Jake (at the same time!). He was then sick all over Floyd’s sofa cos we went there afterwards. He kept telling me how I’m his best mate, “Not just at uni, best mate ever!” Aww!! I have to day, I think he’s one of my best mates too.

[Jonas, Archie & me]

I saw Freddie Bevan at the party. I used to be really good mates with him when he went out with Emma T but he’s getting married now! That’ll be weird when my mates start getting married.

Jake said Cat and Karen are a pair of nymphomaniacs. He kept talking to my dad too which I didn’t like cos Jonas is my boyfriend now so he should be the one speaking to my dad. Jake can bloody well piss off. Mind you, he did spend most of his time sat in the corner with Connor. Hah!

[Gethin teaching us one of his dances.]

Yesterday, Archie wasn’t feeling very well at all. I can’t say I was surprised! He got the train home okay though. Jonas walked Mollie round the fields with me. It was really nice. We saw some ducklings and they sat incredibly still and well camouflaged in the pond when they saw us. I didn’t know ducks did that. We came back to Huddersfield last night and Jonas stayed at mine all today.


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