2 hours slagging off Kevin – 19th May 2002

Sunday 19th  Ooh, I really don’t like being without Jonas now, even for a few hours. I didn’t like it anyway but the more time I spend with him the worse it is being apart.

I only went out once this week. On Monday I went to Camel and saw quite a few people there including Jill Baines from my college who I spoke to for quite a while. I stayed at Jonas’s after.

Unlike most people, I made it into uni on Tuesday morning. There was only Ben and me there. Ben spent most of the 2 hours slagging off Kevin (I wasn’t going to stop him!), saying how he’s annoying and acts like his girlfriend, whinging when Ben goes out without him!

What really started up my hatred of Kevin again was when Ben told me how Kevin had wanted to delay sorting out our rooms for next year because he wanted to fix it so he got the basement. AAARRGGHH!!! He bloody well got it anyway! Bastard! He apparently wants it because he’s got the biggest speakers. Biggest head more like.

On Thursday I sat on the grass at Storthes Hall all day with Jonas and Dave because it was really nice and warm and sunny so we decided to have a BBQ. Jonas brought his guitar too. We were later joined by Archie, Jen, Alexa and a few others so it was quite a good afternoon. I got pretty sunburnt though.

I had a fieldtrip to Castleton in Derbyshire on Friday which wasn’t actually too bad. It was a nice day and we got to go in Peak Cavern and look at all the limestone landforms. Jen and I spoke to more of the Geography people and we got drenched by ducks flying over us.

Jonas went to Gainsborough this weekend for a christening and someone’s birthday. I really, really missed him. I could’ve gone but I only had 3 days to research and do coursework from the fieldtrip, plus it seems like a family thing.

Jonas did text me saying he missed me all night and he’d come and pick me up but I had to say no, even though I was very tempted cos I really wanted to see him. He rang me too and said he was really disappointed I couldn’t go. He said he’d be bored at the christening and stuff without me and said “I love you” before he went. He tried loads to persuade me and said he was looking forward to seeing me a lot so I felt really guilty for not going. I got my work done though.

That evening I went up to the Arb with Archie and Hazel. Archie was being evil about the study room in our house but did say Kevin doesn’t deserve the basement. He also said that Jen’s always trying to start arguments.

Today there was a bike race one and I’ve just had a big yellow Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopter land outside my room.


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