I’ve got over my stupid insecure worryings – 12th May 2002

Sunday 12th  I’ve spent almost all week with Jonas and I’ve got over my stupid insecure worryings. I really, really love him and being with him and he makes me sooo happy! 🙂 Mmm!

Jonas came out with me and my mates to Visage on Tuesday. I was really pleased when he said he would and it was a pretty good night. I had someone to take the piss out of all the crappy dancey music with and he was all cuddly and kissy and nice and we had nice proper snogs. He’s got bright red hair now too. We dyed it again! I didn’t want to leave him the next morning at all when I went to uni but I got a big hug and kiss off him. 🙂

Jonas didn’t come out on Thursday. Pierced Sam was there and he said hi and kissed me on the cheek. Hazel said I’ll have to visit her next year and we can all meet at the bottom of the hill to go out.

I went to Lincoln with Jonas again this weekend. His sister got bollocked by his mum for drinking cider on the park behind the house. Doh!


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