I was very, very, very pissed off – 23rd April 2002 – Part 4

Tuesday 23rd continued  I’ve been to Manchester twice with Jonas to try and get tickets for T in the Park but unsuccessfully so we ended up buying loads of clothes and stuff in Affleck’s Palace instead.

There were rumours going round that Jake was seeing Sophie but Archie set me straight and said they just snogged and stuff a few times cos Jake isn’t that interested. That was during a good night in the Arb. Jonas ended up quite tipsy and asked if I’d marry him (in the future!). I said I would. He said he wants to be with me forever again. 🙂 He also bought condoms over the counter for the 1st time. What an achievement! 🙂

Anyway, since I’ve been back after Easter, my main concerns has been looking for a house for me, Archie, Jen and Kevin. It has caused me much stress cos I’ve been the one doing the ringing round etc. and being told “Sorry, the house has been taken” over and over again.

We looked round a house in Birkby owned by someone Archie works with. The house was quite nice but we’ve been told to avoid Birkby and Fartown in the past. So, I carried on going through uni’s house list and managed to make an appointment to see 3 on the same day. The 1st was a total dump. We decided we didn’t want to live in it before we even got inside! It had 4 bedrooms and 2 tiny kitchens and smelled funny.

The other 2 however were owned by the same people and they were much nicer. We found it hard to decide which one we wanted but eventually picked the 3rd one. They only problem with it is the scrap heap of a garden the bloke nextdoor had. Our landlord said he’s just a retired and nice enough bloke. Inside OUR house (I like saying that) is quite spread out. There’s quite a big lawn at the front with an old people’s home opposite and a Baptist church nextdoor on the right. The address is: 20 Cross Lane, Primrose Hill. But the house faces onto Industrial Street because it’s a quad terrace thing. It’s only about 10 minutes walk from uni. There’s a room in the attic and then a tiny study, bathroom and bedroom on the 1st floor. There’s a bedroom in the basement and one off the living room/kitchen area. Hazel and her mate, and Sophie will be living near us and there are loads of other student houses round there too. 4 lads are living in ours at the moment.

We picked rooms the other day cos we all want to know where we’ll be so we can plan ahead. We wrote all the rooms on pieces of paper, screwed them up and picked. Archie picked 1st, read it and while Kevin was whinging he didn’t want to pick first, he put it back. That made it unfair from the start. We did it again and I was very, very, very pissed off with the outcome:

Attic – Jen

Basement – Kevin

Next to bathroom – Archie

Next to kitchen – me

Jen got exactly what she (and I) wanted so she was hyper and smiling like mad. Kevin also got exactly what he wanted. Archie was just relieved he didn’t pick my room (probably for what would’ve been the 2nd time) because I got the room nobody wanted. The reasons none of us really wanted it were as follows:

  • It’s longer and narrower than the others and so it looks smaller.
  • It seems darker.
  • It’s right off the kitchen/living room so if work/sleep is needed to be done, we’d get disturbed.
  • It’s downstairs.
  • Have to walk through the kitchen/living room to get upstairs to bathroom.

So, I’m basically not very impressed, although I’ve got a bit more used to the idea than at first. I’m just going to try and get all my work stuff done in the study even though Jen said no (which I thought was incredibly selfish seeing as she got the attic) and I only persuaded Archie to let me have a few extra shelves. We should’ve agreed to start with that whoever got my room got that cos it’d be fairer and would’ve been compensation.

Anyhow, the main reason why I’m annoyed is because I did all the work to find us a house and I got the worst room but Kevin, who did fuck all and found eating pizzas more important than houses, got exactly what he wanted. It’s just not on! Grrr!!

I don’t know how but I’ve got to try and make my room really cool so everyone else wishes they’d got it. Maybe I can escape out of the window too.

Archie told me twice about Jen slagging me off to him recently. Once she said I was being bitchy about Maths coursework when I hadn’t said anything even though she “forgot” we were meant to be doing it and went to Morrisons instead. Then again she said to Archie that I’d seemed in a bad mood recently. Archie said I hadn’t. I hope she’s not going to turn out to be really moody and awful to live with.

Last Wednesday, everyone went and sat out on the grass at Storthes cos it was lovely and warm and sunny. Jake said Jen and I could come to his BBQ if we wanted but we didn’t bother.

Jonas has been really nice to me whilst I’ve been stressing about various things. He’s given me loads of cuddles and things and just been generally sweet. I wouldn’t want to be without him. I love Jonas 🙂 Mmm!


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