I had my arse slapped by a mosher girl – 23rd April 2002 – Part 1

[This entry is lonnngggg and I can’t be arsed to type it up all in one go so I’ll post it in stages…]

Tuesday 23rd  Right. Due to me being busy/lazy, I haven’t really had chance to write everything down properly so instead I’ll just sum up what’s been going on over the last month or so. The main part of the Easter hols involved me being bored at home, waiting for Jonas to text me, but I did do some more interesting stuff.

My mates and I had a trip to Ainsdale Beach, equipt with BBQs and spades, for a day which was fun. We survived food poisoning for the 3rd time which was lucky cos I’m sure our Asda economy meat wasn’t entirely cooked!

We also did The Run [pub crawl] a few more times before going back to uni but not all that much happened. I found out that my ex-music teacher’s baby is called Joshua and it was due on my birthday, and also that Cat and Isaac recently snogged and Cat quite likes him!

[Cat, Karen, Lizzie and I on The Run with our trusty pints of diesel.]

We also had a Friday night out in Manchester for Denny’s birthday which was fun. We started in Teasers then went to Soft then Gethin dragged me and Cat to Canal Street and taught us his ‘gay dance’.

We met up with the others in Elemental, had a quick look in Temple then made our way to Jilly’s. I was really pissed but I remember most of it. Cat and Floyd snogged, I had my arse slapped by a mosher girl and I also had scruffy Neil (a chef at The Green Dragon) coming on to me. Yuck! John (who liked me on photos) from Aberystwyth was okay. I talked to him a bit and he asked when I’d be visiting Denny and Gethin in Aber.

I went on a couple of shopping trips over the hols too. I went with Mum and Abby to Manchester and Warrington. We saw Tyrone out of Coronation Street with Darren out of The Royle Family in Warrington too.

The Queen Mother died while I was at home too. That was very sad. I watched all the processions and the funeral cos I’ve never seen anything like it before.

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