Diseased little nether regions – 8th March 2002

Friday 8th  I got really upset this morning when Jonas told me that Sid called me ‘Testicles’ to him and all his mates. I was upset out of anger more than anything else cos I really thought people would’ve grown out of taking the piss out of my name by now. It just reminded me so much of the sad, immature people at school who used to say it and if Sid had been there this morning I would’ve kicked him right in his diseased little nether regions. Fucker!

Actually, I think Sid was calling me that outside Bar Non last night. Yeah, he was, I remember now. Bastard! He was yelling “Testicles” at me to try and get my attention but I chose to ignore him until he called me by my name. If I remember rightly, Jonas (who was stood with him) didn’t say much to stop him. I didn’t run off in a huff like Sid would’ve done.

Ooh, I’m sooo pissed off with him! I would’ve been so embarrassed if I’d been sober (I was a bit anyway) cos there were loads of people about. I hope nobody I know heard him and says it too. Mind you, I bet he looked like a bit of a prick standing there yelling “Testicles!” for no apparent reason!!

The other thing Knobhead Geeky Sid said is that he hates Northerners because we’re “rude”. Erm… and taking the piss out of someone’s name and sulking at every possible opportunity isn’t? I think it is.

Jonas heard me crying in the shower this morning (although I’m not sure how!) and came in. He then started being nice to me which made me happy so I couldn’t stop crying!


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