Throwing up into a plant pot – 7th March 2002

Thursday 7th  Archie persuaded me to go out tonight with him and his flatmates. We started off in Wetherspoons and then we were driven round the corner to Bar Non by Bronwen.

Jonas ended up joining us too. He was meant to be going to Camel with his mates but it was apparently too quiet so some of them came to Bar Non instead.

However, Hazel dumped her boyfriend (and Archie’s mate from home), Kenny, who was soon after bladdered and throwing up into a plant pot. He was then chucked out by the bouncers who came back in and asked one of us to check he was okay. Jonas volunteered and ended up outside with him for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, Hazel was all over Kevin (she said she snogged him a few weeks ago) and dragging me round to find Jake cos she fancies the pants off him. I spoke to him a bit too and told him I’ve got my driving test at Easter.

Geeky Sid was outside with Jonas when we left and was being a bit of a twat. He hadn’t been there when I’d kept checking Jonas was alright outside so he must’ve been in Bar Non somewhere. Whenever I spoke to Sid he’d take whatever I said the wrong way, even if it was perfectly innocent, so he kept huffing like a little girl and walking off. Jonas kept following him too.

An example of what I said was when Sid was all over me and Jonas, asking if we could have a threesome. He was joking (I hope!) so I said, “Hmm, I think I’d rather it involved Archie!” who was stood nearby. It was so obvious I wasn’t being serious and anyone else would’ve known I was messing about but Sid took major offence and went off in a sulk.

Jonas came back to mine again and reminded me how sensitive Sid is. He also told me Sid had to pay a visit to the doctor’s recently because he’s caught something dodgy off some girl he slept with! I’ve been sworn to secrecy now (dammit!).


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