Running around outside like maniacs – 4th to 6th March 2002

Monday 4th  When I woke Jonas up this morning he went all mad and weird but it was funny. It was quite early so I think he was still dreaming!


Tuesday 5th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight. We’ve taken to sleeping on the floor on my camp bed mattress that my sister left cos there’s more room.

Even though I’ve come on my period, Jonas said he didn’t care about doing stuff to me anyway. I wasn’t all that keen though.

Jen went to Visage tonight with Archie and Alexa (Jen’s flatmate) and people. I’m not please cos she didn’t mention it to me really. I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway cos my cold’s still making me feel a bit ill. Someone could still have invited me though.


Wednesday 6th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight and I’m very glad he did cos the whole of Storthes Hall had a power cut and I would’ve been scared on my own. We think it was the wind that caused it cos it was very strong.

I kept hearing screams from the direction of the kitchen so Jonas and I went to see who was there. All my flatmates except Marc (who was at the cinema) were huddled round the kitchen table.

Lewis had put cling film over the kitchen door because he was convinced the mentally ill people from before it was a student village were going to come and haunt us. Violet lit a candle and we all stayed in the kitchen watching loads of people running around outside like maniacs with torches.

I haven’t had the best of days really. After the power came back on, we had not hot water, no phones working and then no water at all. I also spent 4 hours this afternoon doing Water Science maths calculations which made my brain hurt.


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