He asked if we could try a 69 – 25th to 28th February 2002

Monday 25th  Jonas met me after uni today and we went for a drive in his car once it got dark. We stopped on Castle Hill with a nice view of Huddersfield at night, put the front seat forward and then got on the back seat and did stuff. 🙂 Hee hee!

Well, we did until some other car came and it stopped right by us. I’d been paranoid people driving past could see in so when someone stopped we both grabbed our clothes and drove off (dressed of course!). It was fun!

We went back to Jonas’s afterwards and he kept growling and tugging at my clothes but we fell asleep in the end.


Tuesday 26th  Tonight Jonas said, “Can I ask you a question?” so when I cautiously said yes he asked if we could try a 69! I felt manky and I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to so I told him “not now”. He’ll probably ask again but I think I’d rather he didn’t! He still said I was great and sexy and called me a “sex kitten” even though I refused.

Earlier on when I was running down a hill, Jonas said it was like Baywatch! I think not!!


Wednesday 27th  Jonas stayed over last night and again tonight. He told me he’d never go with anyone else cos he’ll never find anyone like me because I’m “perfect”. That’s sooo sweet! 🙂 He said he loves me too and I’m great and stuff and we had a shower together.

I wasn’t expecting to see him tonight but I phoned him and he decided to come round. It was while I was watching Sex and the City and there was a soppy bit which made me really want to see Jonas. It was nice when I did. I like him having a car!


Thursday 28th  Jonas picked me up after uni and took me bck to his house. We just cuddled because we’ve both got colds and were tired.


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