Everyone was just plain weird – 24th February 2002

Sunday 24th  Before we headed back to Huddersfield, Jonas’s mum made us a big Sunday lunch. Mmm! I’ve certainly been well fed anyway! I also got an Easter egg 🙂 Very nice!

On the way back, we went to see Jonas’s dad cos he’s going to the Falklands for 6 months soon (RAF). As usual, I ended up having to meet loads of people in Newton on Trent where he lives, like I had done in Gainsborough.

I didn’t feel quite as welcome at his dad’s or anywhere else there for some reason. Everyone (except his dad) seemed a bit more miserable and didn’t speak to me quite as much.

Jonas had various little kids wanting him to teach them skateboarding stuff and then I was dragged round to inbred Katy’s house (she fancies him and it’s obvious) where everyone was just plain weird. He had hold of a baby and was being talked to by people and I was just stood there like a lemon. There were some awkward silences and I got the feeling even Jonas wanted to leave.

I was glad when we did cos I really did feel like crying and I found myself being slightly annoyed at Jonas for putting me through it all when I thought I was done meeting people. I got over it pretty quickly though cos it’s not his fault really. I did feel like going home home and seeing my family though.

Jonas came back to my flat for a bit. He said he wanted to stay and play with me but he wouldn’t cos I had work to do. We cuddled for a bit though.

This morning was nice before we left. We were lying in his bed and Jonas went all cuddly and said it was really nice. Mmm! 🙂 He said he loves me a few times too.


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