This had been what I was dreading – 23rd February 2002

Saturday 23rd  I was woken up with a bacon butty this morning which was very nice. Jonas’s mum and sister have made me feel welcome which is nice.

Jonas spent ages today trying to get his car started so he could take his sister and 3 mates (probably ones that fancy him) into town but it wouldn’t. We ended up walking and wandering round for a bit. We saw various family members and I was introduced. They all seem okay.

I didn’t know beforehand but Jonas was going round to his nan’s where his mum, sister and a couple of aunties also were. I had no choice but to go too. This had been what I was dreading (meeting loads of people) but it actually wasn’t too bad. They were all nice and spoke to me and laughed a lot so, again, I felt quite welcome and not like I was in the way (like I used to feel at Jake’s house). Laura said she liked my socks too!

It’s a good job his family are all nice because this evening they threw a surprise party for his mum’s 40th at his cousin Emma’s house and, yes, I had to go! It’s a good job he didn’t warn me before yesterday because I really would’ve not wanted to go at the thought of meeting ALL his family! I was quite glad I did though cos I know now I don’t really need to be scared, I don’t think.

It was weird being at the party at first cos everyone else knew each other. Jonas wandered off a few times but somebody usually spoke to me. He was quite sweet with the little kids but one of them wasn’t too pleased at us doing her dinosaur colouring book! Fairy nuff, I suppose!

It was absolutely freezing outside so Jonas’s mum leant me her mittens. We got a lift back in the end though.


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