Doesn’t she ever learn?! – 22nd February 2002

Friday 22nd  Abby and Julia went home this afternoon and I began to pack for my scary weekend of meeting Jonas’s family.

I felt a bit ill this morning. My head felt funny but not like a hangover. Maybe I was subconsciously making an excuse not to go to Gainsborough!

I had a message from Cat this afternoon informing me that she’s been snogging and stuff with Dan from Dawsons where she works who’s 29 and married with a baby on the way. Doesn’t she ever learn?!

Jonas turned up eventually and my stomach started doing somersaults. He took me to the car and introduced me to his dad and his sister who both seemed okay but were ill and so sat/slept quietly in the back all the way with the odd cough or sniffle.

Jonas and his dad did leave me in the car with Laura (his sister) before we set off and that was a bit awkward so I was glad when we got going and I had Jonas to talk to as well. He dropped his dad off at his house and then we carried on to his mum’s. We all talked a bit more then.

Jonas hasn’t been to the house his mum lives in now so that made me feel a bit better cos he didn’t know where stuff was either His dog (Griff) seemed quite pleased to see him but his mum wasn’t there. She arrived back from work (at the wig factory!) and got us all some tea. She seems very nice and talked to me quite a bit.

Jonas and I got the spare room and a sofa bed. It was small but I didn’t really mind cos it was comfy and cosy and warm!


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