Rotating-shouldered dodgy thrusting – 20th & 21st February 2002

Wednesday 20th  Jen and I looked round a house today for 4 people but Kevin and Archie thought it was more important to go climbing. Like they couldn’t have done it any time. And I had warned them.

The guy picked us up from uni and took us to the house which was pretty nearby. It was better than the 3 I saw the other day but still not brilliant. They had a sofa and TV in the kitchen which was weird and it was a bit cold. All other 4 bedroom houses David Bottomly Properties had were gone but he said they were buying another one next week and he’ll contact me. I hope we don’t miss out on seeing it.

Jen and I went to McDonald’s and she told me Tom who works with her thinks I’m fit!

I had lots of cuddles with Jonas this evening. 🙂


Thursday 21st  My sister and her mate Julia Dennis arrived in Huddersfield this afternoon. Julia is considering going to Hudds Uni herself so Abby sorted it out for them to come and stay so she could test out the nightlife.

We started off in the Arb and then made out way on the bus to Revolution (which was almost empty) and then Rock Café where Jonas met up with us.  

‘Coincidentally’, Abby’s ex-boyfriend Connor was visiting Jake this weekend too so we also saw them in Rock Café and sat with them for a bit until Jonas arrived. We then went to Sharkey’s for a while before ending up in Bar Non where most people were.

Jonas started dancing on the table things and at one point he was up there at the same time as Kevin and Jake which was a bit weird. They were making Jonas look good with their gimpy dance moves – Jake with his rotating-shouldered dodgy thrusting, and Kevin with his twisting and weird knee thing with flailing arms!

Jonas was trying to get me up there but I was nowhere near pissed enough and refused, at which point Bronwen said, “I’ll dance with you, Jonas” and he held her hand to pull her up. Then Jake jumped up there again to dance with Bronwen. Then Jonas, who I think noticed I was less than impressed, got down.

Jonas and I got a bit bored and hot so we went outside and ended up stood outside the train station. Jonas said he loves me loads of times and said he’s never felt this way about anyone 🙂 and that it’s not fair (I think he meant that he can’t help it or something). He also said if I ever want a break, I can. I’m not sure what made him say that though.

When waiting for Abby and Julia, we saw Jonas’s mates Colin and Kieran who were with a lad called Matt out of my Geography lectures.


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