We lost £4 in Wetherspoons trying to get a curry-flavoured condom – 17th to 19th February 2002

Sunday 17th  Jonas stayed at mine all day and we just cuddled lots and he told me he loved me lots. 🙂 Mmm!! He also disagreed with me when I said “yuck!” as I looked at myself in the mirror, even though I did look a mess.

Archie, Jonas and I went to look at 3 houses this evening. We couldn’t get hold of Jen and Kevin so Jonas came along for the extra opinion. We all, however, agreed that all 3 houses were manky and very cramped (compared to Jonas’s) and none of us were impressed by them. The area seemed okay but we were expecting older stone terraced houses but they were 1950s/1960s ones on an estate with particularly hideous wallpaper and carpet and just no room between bedrooms.

When we were at my flat, Jonas put my lab coat on me and my strappy shoes. According to him it was quite sexy but I can’t say I agreed really!


Monday 18th  I wasn’t going to go out tonight but I ended up being persuaded (it didn’t take much!) by Jen. We were very pissed and we lost £4 in Wetherspoons trying to get a curry-flavoured condom out of the machines in the toilets. We also explained at the bar so we could get it back!

Camel was boring so we went back to Storthes. Jonas came too and started ranting about animals and how it’s not dogs faults when they become dangerous. It started after we were watching some American crap called When Good Pets Turn Bad.

Jonas informed me that his auntie also wants to meet me and thinks I may become her niece in law!


Tuesday 19th  Jonas stayed in my bed this morning when I went to lectures and was still there when I got back 3 hours later.

After house-hunting for 5 people, Archie told me today that Matt (whoever he is) won’t be living with us after all. I then got incredibly stressed and annoyed cos everybody’s leaving it to me and there’s actually fewer houses for 4 students than 5 so they’ve probably all gone.

Jonas cuddled me and told me to lie back and relax. It’s much nicer having him there. He said I’m great and told me he loves me again. 🙂


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