I gave him his thong and he actually wore it – 14th & 16th February 2002

Thursday 14th  Jonas came round to my flat with Valentine’s stuff this evening. He got me a nice card, a Beanie Baby dog, a Toblerone and he made me Chinese stuff for tea. 🙂

I gave him his thong and he actually wore it, even when we went out with Archie and his flatmates! He showed people too. (Not all of it cos it’s a bit see-through but just the top with the bow on.)

I was talking to Hazel a lot again but her boyfriend was there too.

I saw Hugo Pratt (Jake’s rich mate from Knutsford who didn’t like me much) at the bar buying champagne. Sad bastard!

Jonas came back to my flat and we did stuff but we were a bit too drunk.


Friday 15th  Jonas saw my email to my friends about being scared of meeting his family and going to a party with his mates and how I didn’t really want to do either. His face fell and I felt absolutely awful. He kept saying how he doesn’t want to pressure me and he felt guilty which made me feel even worse.

The party was cancelled tonight so I was quite pleased about that and I got to stay at Jonas’s so we had an early night. 🙂


Saturday 16th  Jonas came back to mine this evening. Jake brought back my drinking games and was stood in the flat doorway talking to me for quite a while. He said Hugo was being a prick with all his champagne on Thursday and he told me what his brother’s up to and told me more about his house.

When I went back into my room, I got lots of cuddles with Jonas. I hope he doesn’t feel threatened by Jake cos there’s no need.

We were doing stuff but then we just stopped. Jonas kept saying he was useless. I THINK NOT!!! He then kept telling me I’m beautiful and great and he love me 🙂 and kept growling at me! I love being with him!

We also had a shower together but didn’t do anything in it.


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