I know how much you like wearing my underwear – 12th & 13th February 2002

Tuesday 12th  Jonas stayed at mine again tonight. I noticed him looking at me and he said he was looking at how beautiful I am and thinking, “Oh man…” (in a good way) 🙂 . I also got lots of nice cuddles off him and he told me he likes me waffling on about stuff. He can’t really complain though cos he does it too!

I started feeling a bit sick and dizzy. I was okay again later on though. Maybe it was just tiredness.

We just talked after that and Jonas told me I’m the longest-lasting girlfriend he’s had, as well as his best. 🙂 That’s nice to know. Perhaps one day (hopefully) he’ll be the longest-lasting boyfriend I’ve had. We’ll have to be together for a good while yet though if that’s going to happen.

Jonas still wants me to go to Lincoln with him and he said he’s mentioned it to his mum and sister, and they’re looking forward to meeting me. I’m quite scared of meeting them though.

Jonas gave me a black beady bracelet of his to replace the one I lost in Camel. He’s wearing my necklace with a little blue flower on it too. It’s a bit girly but he can get away with it.


Wednesday 13th  I had a pretty boring day today. Kevin and Jen still aren’t speaking and Jen even said she might not live with us next year because of him.

I bought Jonas some Valentine’s stuff today after lectures. It took me ages trying to find a card and I ended up buying 2 because I couldn’t decide. One was a list of how to please a woman which I intended to change to fit me. For example, “Buy her lots of wine + chocolates” I would’ve crossed out wine and written in “snakebite” or something.

The other was one of those with a black and white old photo of a bloke and a woman walking along a beach, and he’s wearing a rather feminine bathing suit. Underneath was the caption, “When Tarquin said he wanted to get into her swimsuit, this was not what she expected”. (Or something like that.) I ended up writing in that one for him because I bought him a thong from Topshop as a joke. I keep coming into my room and finding Jonas sitting there in my bra so I thought I’d get him some girly underwear of his own! The card kind of went along with that theme too. I drew a picture of the thong in the card to make him notice the theme more.

I put the thong in a box and wrote, “I know how much you like wearing my underwear so…..” on the lid and “…I got you some of your own! :)” inside. I hope he doesn’t get offended!

I phoned up some more houses this evening and we’ve arranged to look round 3 owned by the same bloke whose number was put on a leaflet sent round Storthes.

Jen and I then went up to the Arb and saw Jake in there with a mate. He said he’s got a house and is living with 6 lads. He got it from the same bloke as I rang and he said his is brand new and really nice. He said the others are older but not bad either and their all opposite his.

Jake also embarrassed me in front of the others by asking if I still had that weird thing when my legs went numb and told them how I used to read the medical dictionary all the time. Bastard! There was no need for that! I’m not sure I want to live opposite him.


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