The bus driver had a major tantrum – 8th to 11th February 2002

Friday 8th  I stayed at Jonas’s. He made me tea and food and we cuddled lots and fell asleep really quickly though.


Saturday 9th  After being at Jonas’s for most of the day, we came back to mine. He kept asking for cuddles and said “I love you” a couple of times 🙂 out of the blue.

While I was watching TV, Jonas did my hair (strangely) and tied me up and then, after a struggle, managed to get a photo of me.

He wants me to go to Lincoln with him to get his car because it’s “what you do” when you’re with someone, i.e. meet their parents. (Eek!)


Sunday 10th  Jonas stayed at mine until about 3pm and we cuddled and kissed lots and he said “I love you” as he left. I then went round to Archie’s to try and sort out house stuff.


Monday 11th  I went to Camel without Jonas tonight (no money). Storecard was there and was trying to get me to snog him and stuff, saying Jonas wouldn’t find out. I didn’t of course!

Jen and I also got chatted up by some old [I bet he was about 23] southern bloke who claimed he was a fireman. Yuck! Some lad also tried beckoning me over to him as I was walking past but I didn’t go.

I was dancing with Archie and Jen most of the time and I lost the beady bracelet Jonas gave to me. I was annoyed with myself and searched for it everywhere but couldn’t find it. He hasn’t given me much of his yet so I wanted to keep it.

Ben was in Camel and asked me why I always run away from him. I don’t. He was very pissed.

I also spilt my drink (well, threw it really) over Kevin’s white shirt (it was snakebite and blackcurrent!) cos he was being nasty and ignoring Jen and she was upset.

On the way home, the bus driver had a major tantrum cos people were ringing the stop button. He kept stopping and turning the bus round and threatening to chuck us all off.

I rang Jonas when I got in but didn’t say much cos it was late.


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