Idiot freak! – 5th to 7th February 2002

Tuesday 5th  Jonas stayed over cos we don’t have to be in 1st thing tomorrow. He kept asking for cuddles and said it’s sexy and cute when I wiggle and he likes it. He said again that he doesn’t care what his mates think and didn’t mind staying with me last night.

It was nice having him there to cuddle and he giggled in his sleep!


Wednesday 6th  It was nice having Jonas there this morning, even though we had to get up for lectures.

I only had 2 hours of Water Science so I went back to the flat and Marc and Violet asked me if I wanted to watch Road Trip on video in Marc’s room. I did.

Jonas was meant to be having a flat reunion in Visage tonight. At first I had images of loads of girls that used to fancy him or ex-girlfriends swarming round him and me not being there to kickbox them off, but then he told me he’d decided not to go.


Thursday 7th  It was a school disco thing at Milton tonight so I got my school uniform on and went along to it with Archie and his flatmates.

Jonas arrived later on after I’d been sat talking to Bronwen, Hazel (Archie’s flatmates) and Caroline (Bronwen’s coursemate) for ages. Some girl took a photo of us in our school uniforms and then took our names so now we’re a bit worried it’s going to end up in the uni paper or something!

Jonas told me I looked tasty and gorgeous and stuff 🙂 which was nice cos there was a point when I felt a bit daft as we went to Bar Non where most people were dressed normally.

Some lad in Milton was staring at our table. I think he lives at Storthes and I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me or Bronwen. It was probably her actually.

In Bar Non, I was dancing with Jonas, Hazel and Archie, and Sid came over and started singing at me. I tried to move back but ended up pinned up against a wall. Idiot freak!

I got on with Hazel quite well actually and she said to someone she liked me.

Jonas stayed at mine again and as we were walking back he said I looked “authoritative” in a skirt. According to him, that’s good!


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