He pointed out all the girls that he fancied – 1st to 3rd February 2002

Friday 1st  It was nice seeing Jonas again tonight. He came round to mine and we did stuff (level 3) to make up for lost time. That’s all we did though.

At one point, Jonas suddenly said, “Ugh!… I just want, ugh!… Hug you and squeeze you and stuff!” 🙂 I don’t mind!


Saturday 2nd  I stayed at Jonas’s tonight. He said he loves me twice 🙂 and that I’m just his type with the way I dress and stuff and my music taste.

He showed me his yearbook from Forres and he pointed out all the girls that he fancied or fancied him. There were quite a lot of them actually. He said he misses his mates too and said he hasn’t got as many mates now at uni as he did at Storthes. He was also saying how he got to level 4 with Paul’s ex-girlfriend which I didn’t know.

He told me I’ve got a perfect body, I’m great and make him hot in more ways than one. When I asked him how, he said I make his mind melt. 🙂 Cool!

Cat let me know she’s just got a job at Dawson’s music shop in Warrington.

Jonas said he wanted a girlfriend to cuddle in front of the TV and stuff, not just for sex but as a companion too. He told Sid he wanted a girlfriend before his birthday and, after he snogged me, he asked Sid if it meant he had a girlfriend. Obviously it did!

It’s been annoying me for ages as to who it is Gareth Gates off Pop Idol reminds me of and tonight I finally worked it out. It’s Mr B my A Level Geography teacher. I texted Sarah to tell her and she texted back saying, “Oh my God! He sooo does! Am in hysterics now with Mum! S x”. It is funny!


Sunday 3rd  It was nice being with Jonas again today. We were cuddling lots and stuff. Mmm, I love Jonas! 🙂

He said his sister’s got a boyfriend and it’s weird.


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