Telling me about his fantasies – 29th to 31st January 2002

Tuesday 29th  I went to stay at Jonas’s tonight. On the way we stopped at uni to check emails and I had one from Gethin saying Ken’s mum’s died. That’s so bad. His dad died when we were at college too.

We just lounged around when we got to Jonas’s and he made me lie on top of him. He started telling me about his fantasies involving me when he “gets bored” (i.e. jacks off). He says he does it every day when he gets bored.

I’m making Jonas sound like a right pervert but he’s not too bad really. He does talk about normal things too but they’re not interesting so there’s no point in writing them down.

Ha ha ha!! Jonas was wandering around naked and Russell came up the stairs and saw him!


Wednesday 30th  Jonas gave me a list of houses up for rent next year. We’ve really got to try and sort something out soon. Archie had a list sent to his flat too so I’ve bought a road atlas of Huddersfield so we can see where they all are.

Jonas came round tonight and we got to level 5 but it went on for ages.

I ended up getting upset as I was lying in bed tonight. A sad song came on my CD player and it set me off thinking about Sarah and home in general and I found myself getting a bit homesick. I miss my friends loads. Jonas didn’t help by being nice and cuddling me cos it made me happy so I cried more! He told me he cries a lot just for the hell of it. He then told me he loves everything about me and he said, “I love you too, very much.” 🙂

Later on, I had a weird phone call from a lad saying my number was under his door saying to ring me. He said he reckoned it was his mates playing a trick.


Thursday 31st  Jonas stayed at his tonight cos he had work to do. I’m bored. I didn’t got out cos nobody else has either.


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