What a bastard! – 27th to 29th January 2002

Sunday 27th  Jonas stayed over at mine and dragged me into the shower with him. I felt a bit self-conscious but it was still fun!


Monday 28th to Tuesday 29th   We all went to Camel tonight. Jonas was very pissed, Archie was depressed and we lost Jen and Kevin completely. I later found out they’d gone back to Jen’s and apparently just snogged.

Jonas kept saying he loved me so I wasn’t all that worried when he came back from the toilet and 2 girls were hanging round him. It turned out they were asking after his mate Pierced Sam anyway. He also saw his flatmate from last year, Carina(?), who said she was proud of him cos he’s got a girlfriend.

Archie updated me about houses tonight too. It turns out that we’re going to try and rent one because some lad called Matt (used to be in Archie’s flat but left uni and is coming back next year) might be living with us too so Kevin’s not buying one anymore. Kevin’s left it all to Archie to sort out (lazy git!) but I’m quite pleased cos that means I’m more likely to be told about stuff.

Archie’s really pissed off with Kevin anyway because Kevin was trying it on with Sophie (Archie’s flatmate who Archie’s openly fancied for ages) really obviously and still snogged her even after Archie had a serious word with him. What a bastard! Archie said Kevin did the same to him with me so he definitely was not impressed a 2nd time.

Archie must have been pissed too cos he kept saying he liked me. Jonas sort of half jokingly but half seriously said Archie would go straight through the bus window if he snogged me.


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