Ooh I’m all tearful – 26th January 2002

Saturday 26th  I went shopping with Abby in Huddersfield and I discovered Rocks Off. Great shop! Abby bought me a bracelet from there but only cos I had no change and said I’d buy her a drink later.

When I got back, Cat texted me saying she had bad news. She then phoned me and told me that Sarah’s (my best mate from home) dad’s been killed by a car. It’s awful! Cat had spoken to Sarah online and Sarah told her to let us all know. Apparently he was jogging around Warburton Bridge way and he was hit by a car.

When Cat went, I decided to send Sarah a message. I put, “Hi. Cat just phoned and told me what’s happened. ***BIG HUG*** I wish I could give you a real one. Lots of love. xxxxx”. It took me ages to decide what to put.

I was pleased when Sarah replied cos I knew she’d got it. She said, “I’m ok, asked Cat 2 spread the news, couldn’t myself. Would ring u but I don’t want to ruin your Saturday nite. Michael been here throughout thank God! Thankx 4 msg.”

I sent her another saying, “Don’t worry about ruining my night. If you want chat then u can ring me. Ooh I’m all tearful now! Miss u xxxxx”. She did ring me. It was nice to speak to her but it’s a shame this had to be the reason for it. She actually sounded ok, like she normally does. She told me she’s got time off uni but she’s stopped being upset now and is more numb. She said her Auntie Margaret was at the place where the 999 calls come in when the call about her dad came in. That can’t have been very pleasant. Sarah’s mum went to Sarah’s flat on Thursday morning and told her the news.

I honestly can’t believe it. I phoned my mum to tell her and I ended up getting upset cos it kind of sunk in. She said she’ll send some flowers from us all.

I still went out tonight (under Sarah’s orders!) but nobody except Abby and Jonas came with us. Jonas was pretty pissed actually. We started in Milton then went to Varsity but it was a bit boring cos there was nobody else we knew.

Jonas asked me to T in the Park in the summer with his mates from Forres. He said he’ll pick me up and stuff. He looked sad when I said I was going home at Easter too. He gave me a little beady bracelet of his and said he loves me. 🙂


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