Not humanly possible – 24th to 25th January 2002

Thursday 24th to Friday 25th  I wasn’t feeling too happy today. I just feel as though I have fewer friends than I would have had had I not got on the wrong side of Marc and Kevin etc. cos that way it made things awkward or I was being bitched about. It’s because I found out Jen went out last night with her flatmates, and Archie and Kevin are off out tonight and didn’t invite me when I phoned up. Oh well.

I ended up at Jonas’s instead which I didn’t mind at all and I stayed over. Russell (his housemate) managed to piss me off cos when I answered a question he said, “So you can hear me then” really nastily. Fucker!

Jonas got out a massive pile of FHM magazines and sifted through them (after Russell had pissed off) saying he wanted to try stuff (i.e. the positions) out of them. We didn’t cos most were not humanly possible (hence the cartoon diagrams) and Jonas had an exam first thing in the morning.

When Jonas got up go to uni, I got to stay in his bed until he got back. When he did we cuddled for ages. He suggested running away together to Canada in a camper van. That would be cool but we have a slight lack of camper van and money.

Jonas didn’t want me to leave but I had to cos Abby came to visit. Mum and Grandma brought her. We didn’t do much except go up to the Arb for a bit with Jen.


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