He’s done it on every piece of furniture – 23rd January 2002

Wednesday 23rd  Cat went home today and Jonas met me at the station then came to mine. We decided to go to bed quite early and worked our way through the levels (except 4) up to number 5. The TV and light were both on which was weird cos it’s normally pitch black and we can’t see a thing.

He told me he’s done it on every piece of furniture with Natasha which I didn’t particularly want to know! He also mentioned that he once had girls shouting through his bedroom window about stuff. It took me ages to find out what they said but he eventually told me that one of their mates found him to be quite good with his hands one night so the others wanted to see if it was true or something.

We said we loved each other and cuddled lots and Jonas told me that I’m great and that I’m the “whole package” and that he loves everything about me. 🙂 Mmm Jonas!!


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