Designer Vaginas – 20th to 22nd January 2002

Sunday 20th  I got Cat back to mine eventually and we just dossed about all day.


Monday 21st  Cat and I went to Camel Club tonight cos it’s Jen’s birthday tomorrow. Jonas met us there and there were loads of other people I knew. However, Cat was being really boring and just sat on the same seat all night, trying to repel Archie.

Archie was actually after his flatmate, Sophie, but Kevin was trying his luck with her. He knows perfectly well that Archie’s liked her for ages and even when Archie had a word with him to warn him off, Kevin still went ahead and snogged her. Bastard!

Jonas wasn’t very pissed and kept saying he was annoyed with his mates for not turning up last night. Jen, on the other hand, was totally bladdered and kept pinching the arses of random lads as they walked past.

Jonas said he loves me and checked I wasn’t scared. Of course I’m not! He said if he goes to Canada, I can go too in his camper van. Apparently that’s what he wants to do after uni.


Tuesday 22nd  Cat and I just dossed about all day then went for a walk up the hill before going to bed after watching Designer Vaginas on TV. Urgh!!


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