He kept trying to give me love bites – 12th January 2002

Saturday 12th  Jonas came to stay at mine again tonight. He made me drink Lambrini (although I didn’t take much persuading) and then made me a collage of photos of me on my laptop. When we were lying in bed, Jonas said something like, “I wish I could stop thinking about you! I can’t get you out of my head!” 🙂 He then started asking about my fantasies again. I wouldn’t answer so he asked if I’ll tell him if we’re still together after 4 years or if we get married. I said I will. That then led onto him telling me his parents left school at 16, got married at 19 then had him year later.

After that, he started asking questions about periods. It’s not exactly my favourite topic of conversation but never mind. He said he doesn’t mind doing stuff even though I’m on and suggested putting a towel down cos he said Dave used to do that with his girlfriend. Yuck! I refused. He said he just wants to make me happy.

I changed the subject and asked if he’s likely to be gay. He said he isn’t cos he likes me so much and he wouldn’t react to me if he was. Fairy nuff!

He kept trying to give me love bites and when I asked why, he mumbled what sounded like “cos I love you” but when I asked what he said he told me “cos I want to bite you”. Hmm.

He kept cuddling and smiling at me and said he doesn’t want to sleep on his own. He also said, “God damn, you’re beautiful” and “You’re great”. He’s so lovely! 🙂

He printed off a picture of me in a Santa hat saying he’ll need it for when he doesn’t see me. He said I’m not bad at singing and I told him I’m on the pill but said it’s for stomach cramps, not the real reason (spots). He likes the way I look by the sounds of it so I don’t want him to go off me if he thinks I’m going to become hideously ugly. Hopefully he’s not that shallow but you never know and I don’t want to risk it. I also made it clear I don’t want to rely on the pill. He seemed to understand what I meant which is good.


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