He’ll probably burst – 11th January 2002

Friday 11th  Jonas stayed at mine tonight. We’re much more cuddly now than we used to be and I like it. I was cuddling him whilst stood up and then I moved and he wanted me back.

He told me that on his birthday he only spoke to me cos he was slightly tipsy which gave him a bit more confidence. He also said that he likes people more when he’s drunk (he wasn’t referring to when we met) and his emotions are 10 times what they normally are so he said if he gets drunk with me now he’ll probably burst cos he likes me so much anyway. 🙂 He also said, “You’re great!” out of nowhere. 🙂

He said he doesn’t cross the line to like people more than normal very often but he has with me. He told me I’m irresistible and wants to eat me too, along with saying I have a nice body. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many compliments in such a short space of time as the time I’ve been with him. 🙂

Jonas had an email from Russell saying I was looking fit on the pictures Sarah and Michael have put on the internet.

Jonas said he’s going to miss me when he can’t see me for 3 days when I’m doing exams. I’ll miss him too.


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