I kept setting fire to things – 9th January 2002 (continued)

Wednesday 9th  Jonas came round to my flat again tonight. We watched TV, listened to music then went to bed. I kept tickling him so he managed to tie my wrists together with our watch straps to stop me and tickle me back. He tried to tie me up with my school tie but didn’t quite manage.

We talked a lot after that about all sorts of stuff. He told me that he thought I wasn’t interested when we met on his birthday. He said I wasn’t speaking much and didn’t make a move (neither did he) and I kept setting fire to things in an ashtray. He said he’d had a crap day until he met me and on his way home, Sid started going on about being the best man at his wedding. I don’t think that was related to me though.

We started talking about people we’ve been with in the past. He said he’s been dumped about 9 times but that’s including when he was little. He said the last person he snogged before me was about 4 and a half months ago. He was 26 and not at uni and she took advantage of his drunken state. He said he was dumped by a girl when he was 10 cos she snogged his best mate in the cloakroom cos Jonas wouldn’t snog her due to him not knowing how to. Ahh! He said he’d fancied her for ages too.

He told me he dumped the girl who he was with for about 3 months cos he never really liked her (she stalked him) and she was a bit tarty. She cried when he dumped her and so did he cos she was. That was the girl whose horoscope he found amusing and also the longest he’s ever been with someone so far. Apparently I’m not the 2nd longest relationship he’s had. He also dumped the girl from Crewe (Natasha who’s Dave’s mate) cos she lived too far away and she hardly spoke when sober.

He asked me questions too such as when, where and who I lost my virginity to. He thought for a minute it was to him cos I wouldn’t answer and was grinning. I told him eventually that it was Jake and also he was the last person I slept with so Jonas now knows my tally and all.

Jonas said his virginity loss was a very scary experience for him. It took me a while to get him to tell me but eventually I found out it happened about 2 weeks before he came to uni (he was 17) at his cousin’s party. Someone set him up with a girl cos they said he couldn’t go to uni a virgin. Anyway, the scary bit was that he started bleeding a lot. He said he was told that it sometimes happens to lads but he said he was very upset and cried and worried for ages afterwards.

He also said he doesn’t want to dump me. GOOD!! 🙂


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