“I’d just settled the bugger down!” – 7th to 9th January 2002

Monday 7th  I didn’t think Jonas wanted to see me tonight but he did. 🙂 We kissed a lot more than we used to which I liked. I went round to his and he told me as we were lying in bed that I looked a bit like a girl on one of his posters. I thought she was really pretty so I was flattered already but then he said I was prettier. 🙂

Jonas went out to the toilet then came back, snuggled up and said, “Damn you!” to me whilst grinning at me. I asked why and he said, “I’d just settled the bugger down!” Cool!

He told me I’m the first girl that’s been in the bed he’s got now. That’s good!


Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th  P. [period]

I was a bit worried on Tuesday cos I should’ve come on my period but didn’t. I’m never normally even a day late. Not that Jonas has ever given me a reason to worry really!

I came on my period in the morning much to my relief and then had to actually get up and out of bed fairly early to meet Jen at uni so we could get some Ecology + Pollution coursework done. We weren’t very successful in that though, as usual!


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