It’d be easier if everyone was bald – 2nd to 6th January 2002

Wednesday 2nd  I sneaked into the spare room this morning to see Jonas. He was stroking my legs and said “spiky”. Honestly, if he keeps making little comments I’m gonna have to stop him touching me or something!

He told me it cost him £31 to get here on the train but he said he doesn’t mind cos he wanted to come and see me. 🙂

We only snogged when we were at the station. I didn’t really want him to go. He’s put George on his bag with Tigger which is nice.

He was telling me when we were reading our horoscopes that he was once going to dump a girl and her horoscope was something along the lines of that. He said he found it quite amusing apparently.

Mmm Jonas! He’s sooo nice. He’s quite gentle with me too. He kissed me on the forehead and the shoulder and cuddled me a lot. Mmm!


Thursday 3rd  Boring. Nothing worth writing happened.


Friday 4th  Not a lot happened during today but I did The Run [pub crawl] with Cat, Denny, Isaac, Rocky, Neil, Ed and Emma tonight. We all got pissed and it was fun but nothing of major interest happened.


[Me and Denny on that pub crawl. I was probably on the phone to Jonas.]

Sunday 6th Nothing much happened again yesterday but I came back to Huddersfield again today.

I went round to Jonas’s this evening cos I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see him. I was cold at one point so he said, “Gimme a hug”. He said it wouldn’t make much difference if I was bald cos I was saying how my hair was a mess and it’d be easier if everyone was bald. When I said, “Ugh!” as I caught my reflection in the mirror, Jonas said I’m gorgeous not ugly 🙂 then he tried taking photos of me but his camera thankfully wasn’t working. He wants to keep the picture of me in my school uniform now.

Speaking of that photo, I’ve just remembered he thought he’d left it at someone’s house cos when he was at home he showed ALL his relatives because they were curious. AARRGH!!

Jonas wanted to tie me up at one point and asked if he pinned me down and distracted me would it work. It didn’t. He also asked for a kiss. He got plenty!


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