He tried to give her mouth to mouth – 28th December 2001

Friday 28th  I had a really boring day today. Jonas didn’t reply to last night’s text for ages but he eventually did saying he’ll get a train to Warrington Central that should arrive at 6pm. That cheered me up a bit anyway. He’s apparently got no signal at his mum’s which is why he doesn’t reply for ages.

Rhian threw a party tonight. Well, it began as a small gathering but more and more people turned up. It started off fine but as all her stupid 15 year old friends drank more alcohol they started really pissing me off. Their tolerance for alcohol obviously hadn’t developed yet. [I was a seasoned, sophisticated student drinker by now, remember.]

It was a lad called Adrian who annoyed me most, closely followed by Mike (who everyone seems to worship cos he set up supermike.com online so they can all chat – or fall out with your mate Amanda in Rhian’s case). They were sat in Rhian’s room with some other lad having a “serious conversation” and I interrupted by walking in to get my phone. They weren’t too please and kept telling me to get out but all my stuff was in there so I didn’t see why I should. Plus I was kind of enjoying winding them up by sitting on my bed and texting people.

However, Adrian leapt over Rhian’s bed and came right up to my face and yelled at me. I was not going to be bossed around my some pissed little lad so I yelled back. He and Mike then started taking the piss out of English people even though, as I later found out, Adrian’s English himself and was apparently wearing an England shirt at the party. Gimp! I really wanted to smack him one but I opted for “fuck off” and “drop dead” in the end cos I didn’t think Auntie S would be too thrilled with bits of Adrian all over her house.

Adrian then started yelling some date at me (which everyone around him was saying he’d got wrong) and yelling whether I knew what happened last time someone said “drop dead”. Apparently it was when 3 lads were killed in a car when it went over the cliff but how was I meant to know that? He was just using it to try and make me feel guilty and apologise and stuff.

Mum later asked who he was cos he’d been talking to her and she found him really irritating. Ha ha ha!! 🙂 It wasn’t just me then!

While Adrian was yelling at me, Rhian tried to stop us fighting and in the process got “rugby tackled” by some lad called Piffles or something. She lay on the floor wheezing and squealing and saying she’d hurt her back. Manson was running round panicking and Adrian told everyone to give him space and he tried to give her mouth to mouth while she was obviously still conscious and breathing. Tosser.

Okay, maybe she did hurt her back but she landed on a mattress and sat down on it rather than being rugby tackled onto it. I found myself being a total bitch to her cos I was annoyed already and thought she was faking it for attention. Auntie S and Abby didn’t really believe her either but they played along unlike me so I’m not exactly Rhian’s favourite person right now.

Other stuff happened during the evening too. Some lad called Duncan decided he fancied me and picked me up and carried me out of Rhian’s room when I was interrupting her and Manson. He also patted the floor next to him, trying to get me to sit there but I didn’t. He was sweet but Jonas is so worth not snogging anyone else for. Duncan was 17 but didn’t look it. Mind you, people kept thinking I was younger than Abby and someone even said I looked 14!

I started telling people how good uni is and joking about becoming a weather girl. On their way home, 3 lads made me sign their arms with eyeliner, just in case I become famous!

I also shared a fag with Abby, hanging out of Rhian’s window (she found a pack) but, ugh, I won’t be doing it again in a hurry.


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