“Are you gonna do a spit roast?” – 20th to 22nd December 2001

Thursday 20th to Friday 21st  I finally got my Maths coursework done today with help from Jen and Vicky’s work. I’m so pleased to get it out of the way.

I went round to Jonas’s this evening. We watched TV and then went to bed. It was absolutely freezing in his house so we had to keep each other warm. Stuff happened.

We had fights with cold stuff like keys and deodorant cans and Jonas said he wanted to stay in his bed with me forever. 🙂 He also asked if I get “grotty” when I’m on my period totally out of the blue. I said I don’t really and he explained his mum and sister get really moody.

Jonas also said, “Ooh, there’s a naked girly in my bed!” and asked if I wanted to join him in the shower. I didn’t. While I was getting dressed in bed (it was still freezing this morning), Jonas played his guitar at me. He’s pretty good.



Friday 21st to Saturday 22nd  Jonas stayed over at mine. We lay and watched TV on my bed for most of the evening. Jonas said something to me like “Are you gonna do a spit roast?” I wasn’t entirely sure what he meant and he wouldn’t tell me. He then asked me if I fancied “the sexy girl on the pic” and pointed to a photo of me. 🙂

He decided he wanted to take a photo off my wall of me so he would remember what I looked like over Christmas and so he could show his mum and sister. I reluctantly gave him one of me, Marc and Layla in school uniform. Jonas said he’s got a “big hairy conscience” so he wouldn’t snog anyone else at Christmas even if they pinned him up against a wall.

Jonas had to get the bus fairly early this morning so he could catch his train. We said not to snog anyone to each other and he told me to keep in touch. He said he’ll hopefully see me at New Year too. 🙂 I hope so! We had a really nice snog and then he went. He told me he’s going to put my photo above his bed. Arrghh!!

Mum and Dad came to get me and I went home this afternoon. I did The Run [a pub crawl] with a few people this evening which was good. I gained a “No smoking area” sign from The Green Dragon. I think I was in view of the security camera but I’m going to Scotland tomorrow so they’ll have to wait if they want it back.


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