I looked all “thinky” – 18th to 19th December 2001

Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th  Jonas came round to mine again tonight and stopped over. He’s not very well and overdosed on Lemsip I think! He saw my lab coat and asked if it was a doctor’s uniform which then made him ask immediately if I had a nurse’s uniform. School uniform’s the best I can do I’m afraid!

Things progressed ever so slightly tonight. He had his hand in my bra. We started kissing and then Jonas kind of leapt up onto his knees and kissed me more. I think he wanted to go all the way, or that’s the impression I got, so I stopped it mainly cos I had to be up in 3 hours but also because it seems to be too soon and a big jump from doing nothing to doing it all in one go. I did kind of want to do it though at the same time cos it feels like I’ve known him a lot longer than 3 weeks.

I apologised anyway and he said, “What for?” and he was the one that pointed out I had to get up early anyway just as he seemed to be getting going. I told him I hated Chemistry (my early lecture tomorrow) and he agreed he did too!

Later on we banged heads and I said it nearly knocked me out. Jonas then said he could’ve had his “wicked way” with me if I had been!

I didn’t end up going to Chemistry after all in the morning. Jonas said I looked all “thinky” when I woke up. I was. I do want stuff to happen but is it too soon? I waited nearly a year with Jake and we stayed together for ages. I suppose everyone’s different though and it’s not like me and Jake are still together.

Jonas then sneezed on a photo of Jake so maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t worry about it all so much!

I apologised to Jake about calling him gay in a text and he forgave me and said to have a nice Christmas. I don’t feel as mean about it now

Jonas texted me too saying he wanted to eat, sleep, get better and then come and “ravage” me. Ok!


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