We snogged LOADS – 17th December 2001

Monday 17th  It was my A Level presentation evening at school today but, cos I’ve not broken up for Christmas yet, I couldn’t go. I did feel a bit left out cos all my friends will have been there and the lovely Mr P-K might have gone wearing a suit. Phwoar!!

I went out with everyone here anyway so I forgot about it pretty quickly. Jonas met me in Revolution. We snogged LOADS tonight 🙂 and he said I was gorgeous and sexy and I have nice boobs (he then put his face against them!). Archie agreed with him. Cool!

Jonas told me his balding mate Dave said I’m good looking. I don’t know why people keep saying nice stuff about me cos they never used to before Jake and I don’t think I’ve changed that much. But hey, I don’t mind the compliments!

Jonas said he doesn’t cheat when I mentioned avoiding girls over Christmas. He isn’t going to Scotland now, he’s going to his mum’s but he said he’s going to come and visit me when I get home from Scotland.

Earlier on in the night, I forgot Jonas was with me and agreed with Jen that some lad with a pierced eyebrow was quite nice looking (but not half as nice as Jonas!). He brought it up later saying he was jealous of me fancying the lad so I had to reassure him that I really didn’t. Jonas lost his eyebrow ring somewhere.


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