Great, my boyfriend’s a cannibal! – 14th to 16th December 2001

Friday 14th  Jonas came round tonight cos I was on my own. We snogged a few times and he tickled me (nicely) again but that was it. He kind of ventured down my top but not properly. I discovered he’s really ticklish down his sides which was quite funny.


Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th Jonas came round again with a supply of Lambrini and Doritos. Mum and Dad came to visit me during the day but went home in the afternoon.

Jonas wanted a photo of me but I didn’t let him cos it’d turn out horrible. [Looks like he managed to get a couple…]

He also tried to eat me and said I’d be with him forever so it wouldn’t be his loss as I said it’d be. Great, my boyfriend’s a cannibal!

Jonas told me my belly’s gorgeous (hmm) and he kept tickling me. He wrote on a post-it note for me with a picture of Chris Moose on it with a pierced lip.

We fell asleep but woke up at about 6am and livened up a bit. He wanted to blow on my tummy but that really would’ve tickled so I had to fight him off. He managed to get me in the end and then pinned my arms above my head on my pillow and kissed me. Finally! I didn’t have to go for it and it wasn’t a joint effort….. HE kissed ME!! 🙂 Ugh, he’s sooo niiice!

Well, he is now anyway. He said he used to have long hair and his head shaved too. Hmm, that could explain the lack of girlfriend, although he’s really nice now so I don’t get why he was single before he met me.

He asked me for a cuddle before he left this morning which was nice. Mmmmmm! 🙂


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