He’s only got one….. me! – 13th December 2001

Thursday 13th  I was so tired all day today at uni but I was awake enough to go out tonight. I went with Jen, and Violet, Marc, Ronan and a few others were out too so I met up with them in the Rock Café. We’d been to Milton first cos Jen thought her flatmates were there but they weren’t and it was crap so we left. Jonas also met us in the Rock Café and I introduced him to Marc etc. who he hasn’t seen before. We didn’t stay there long and made our way to Bar Non instead.

I got quite a lot of snogs from Jonas in there but they all involved me making a move first, not him. It was still very nice though. We ventured downstairs tonight into the Club Non bit which I don’t normally do cos I don’t like the music as much. I was glad I went though cos they were blasting out polystyrene balls from somewhere so it was like snow.

Jonas and I were sat in a corner chatting while Jen chatted up Jake and various friends of his. Jonas kept tying bows in the ribbons on my top and saying I was sexy. I asked him (joking) how many girlfriends he’d got and he said I’m his girlfriend and he’s only got one….. me! 🙂 He said he really likes my eyes and said I’m sexy and grinned when I glared at him. Ooh, he’s sooooo nice!!

He told me he was getting jealous when I mentioned Jake and Kevin (even though I was probably slagging them off) and pointed out that some of the photos of my groups of friends on my wall include me and Jake being couple-y. I’ll take them down and put other ones up instead. I also found out for sure that he was born in Norfolk.

When I got back to Storthes I sent Jonas a message saying “MMM, I LIKE U” at the end. He replied saying, “NO! IT HURT! [He walked into a lamppost] I WAS TYPING U THAT TXT AS I DID IT BUT I WON’T LEARN TO WATCH WHERE I’M GOING! MMM I LIKE U 2 : ) TIME 4 FOOD + I JUST WALKED PAST MY HOUSE. X”

Jen told Jake earlier that I’ve been saying that I reckon he’s gay and he’s not very pleased about it! That’s fair enough, I suppose. Jen said he complained to her that I never called him J like everyone else and always Jake, but that was how he signed cards and stuff to me so what did he expect? He also told Jen that he was surprised we’re friends cos she doesn’t seem like the type of person I’d be friends with. What’s that supposed to mean? She is! I do feel a bit guilty about what she said to him though.

I’ve just remembered more Jonas stuff. He said he doesn’t want anyone else (as in Cat or Jen) cos he likes me and he doesn’t mind me snoring cos he knows I’m there. Aww! 🙂 He also gave me his last Polo mint and referred to the Rolo adverts, the “Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo?” ones, but he didn’t say that.


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