Fit and lovely and has piercings and…. mmm! – 11th & 12th December 2001

Tuesday 11th  I had a message from someone today saying, “TESS, STOP TEXTING MY BOYFRIEND JONAS! HE’S UNSURE OF HIS SEXUALITY AT THE MOMENT AND UR PUTTIN HIM OFF MEN. PAUL.” Sid perhaps?

This evening, I stayed and did work in my room while Jonas moshed in the Arb. He did ask me to join him but I was knackered and I could see them moshing from my room and it looked scary!

He came round at about 11:30pm after trying (and failing) to hit my window with stones. He was very pissed (he also said something about drugs I think but I’m not sure if he meant him) and was talking complete crap. He kept saying my glaring look was gorgeous and kept making me do it. He went to meet some drummer for this band he’s now in with some of his mates but whoever it was wasn’t interested. I think he said it was a girl actually. He said when he is in a band I might see him and he said I can go, “I love Jonas!” He then talked more crap and fell asleep and snored.

I’ve got to be in uni for 9:15am!!


Wednesday 12th  Due to a lack of sleep from Jonas staying over (only cos he kept snoring and moving about), I ended up missing Chemistry. I made it to my computer lab thing though and Jonas went into another computer room and mailed me on the uni e-mail thing. I asked what he wanted to do tonight and he said he wanted to “ravage you from head to toe”. Ok!!

He also sent me this one:

After my computer thing, Jonas and I went to the canteen to get a caffeine-filled drink each. I’m surprised he wasn’t majorly hungover. Maybe he was though and just disguising it very well!

On my way back to Storthes I saw Ben on the bus. I suddenly found myself wondering what might have happened with me and him had I not met Jonas. I then realised I didn’t really care cos Jonas is fit and lovely and has piercings and…. mmm!

I ended up seeing The 51st State with Jonas at the cinema tonight. It was a really good film so I didn’t mind that we didn’t snog during it cos I would’ve missed stuff.

I went back to Jonas’s afterwards cos I had a long wait for the bus. On the way he asked me if I’d ever done anything majorly illegal. I said I didn’t think so and I asked him the same question. He said he hadn’t either cos he’s a good boy.

He also told me that when geeky Sid sets him up with someone he usually runs away. He said Sid called him a bastard for getting with me too. Erm… if it wasn’t for Sid it would never have happened.

On my way out of Jonas’s house, 2 of his girl housemates were hanging round in a doorway. Jonas said it was cos they wanted to “stare” at me. Weird!


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