I look sexy when I glare – 10th December 2001

Monday 10th  I went out to Camel tonight as usual. Jonas came too. We snogged quite a lot 🙂 and danced too. He said I was gorgeous and he really does like me and I look sexy when I glare at him when he sticks his tongue out.

We exchanged a few texts when we got home too. He told me he had work so he couldn’t go out except tomorrow and Thursday but that was when I was working or going to Visage with my flatmates. I told him it looked like we’d have to wait til next week and he said, “OH! THAT’S A BIT OF A WAIT. HOW ABOUT U GO TO THE ARB BEFORE VISAGE TOMORROW FOR A PINT, I’LL SEE IF WE CAN GO THERE EARLY? X”. So he does want to see me. Yey! He’s going for a mosh at the Arb tomorrow with is mates but I was going to Visage so I won’t see him. I might not go though. I’d rather see Jonas.

I then sent him a text asking if we were kind of a couple and explained people keep asking me and I don’t know what to say. I know he said I was his girlfriend before but he’s never officially asked me out or whatever. Anyway, he texted back saying, “I WOULD LIKE TO SAY YES GIRLFRIEND! JUST BEEN TO TESCOS + GOT SOME SPRING ROLLS. MMM TASTY! X” Cool! So I can now tell people we are a couple without being unsure about it.

I asked him if he was sure and also asked if he minded me being forced on him by Sid. He’d said earlier that he didn’t mind us being pushed together but I just thought I’d check. Jonas replied, “YEH I’M SURE! SID CAN’T FORCE ME 2 DO OWT I DON’T WANT 2! : ) X” Good good!

I think I then asked if I could now tell people I’ve got a boyfriend cos he replied, “IS THIS TO THE BLOKES YOU MIGHT MEET IN SCOTLAND? U BETTER TELL ‘EM TO BOG OFF OR ELSE : ) SAME ERE LIKE. xJx” Yey! He doesn’t want anyone else to have me!


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