He asked me what my “tally” is – 8th & 9th December 2001

Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th  Jonas ended up staying last night and not going home til 3pm today :). Nothing happened except him tickling me (gently) and I think he started to undo my trousers but then I moved. We didn’t kiss much but had a nice snog before he left to get on the bus.

I went to Milton with Jonas and his mates this evening. I drank a small bottle of Lambrini before I went cos I didn’t want to be the only sober one when I got there and come across as quiet and boring. I was pretty scared of going actually but it turned out ok.

Jonas met me at the bus stop and we went into Milton. They were all sat downstairs so Jonas bought me a drink and introduced me to everyone. There was only one other girl there (Helen, I think) plus Simon with blue hair and 16 facial piercings (not like Storecard Simon), someone that looked like the greasy, long-haired ginger lad that moshes in the Arb, Paul, someone a bit bald-looking called Dave and a couple of others that I can’t remember.

Some girl called Louise came to the bar at one point and Paul told me she’s known for giving everyone blow jobs or something. Apparently she got with Jonas once but Jonas said she took advantage of him when he was drunk but didn’t get that far with him. I’d rather not have known anyway really. I hope he doesn’t tell people I took advantage of him when he was pissed or anything.

When Milton shut we went and stood outside to wait for my bus and cuddled and talked. He asked me what my “tally” is (meaning how many people I’ve slept with) but I wouldn’t tell him. He narrowed it down to being less than 5 but I wouldn’t say any more. He told me he’s slept with 3 people, including that girl from Crewe. I was hoping he’d just say 1 or 2 but I s’pose 3’s not too bad.

Maybe he’s doing the American Pie 2 thing where when lads gives you their tally, it’s really that number divided by 3. With girls it’s the number they give you times 3. I could see that applying to quite a few people.

I also found out that the longest he’s had a girlfriend for is 3 months but he split up with her when he came here to Huddersfield.

My bus didn’t arrive so, without much persuasion, I went back to Jonas’s. He didn’t kiss me much until we were in bed, and even then I had to make the 1st move. I noticed he smelled a bit funny (as in B.O.) but that’s not a problem as long as he decides to use deodorant. I didn’t care anyway cos I really like him and it was probably just a one off.

Apparently geeky Sid told Jonas I asked him to introduce me to Jonas on his birthday. I did no such thing and I made sure Jonas knew that.

All we did was sleep at night. Jonas felt my arse but that was as far as it went!

In the morning it was freezing so we made a tent by sitting under the bed covers to keep warm. It was nice and cosy but, again, nothing happened, not even snogging.

I got a quick snog in the bus stop before I went back to Storthes but that was it. I really like Jonas but I’m not sure if he really likes me back. He must like me a bit cos he keeps seeing me but he never tries to kiss me. Maybe he’s just shy like geeky Sid said. He did say he’s sure he doesn’t want Jen or Cat (they fancied him) cos he wants me. 🙂 He also said I snored loudly last night though!


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