Like I give a toss! – 6th December 2001

Thursday 6th  I went to Bar Non tonight with a few people. Before I got the bus, Jonas sent me a message asking for “a big song”. I didn’t realise straight away but he meant “a big snog” and his predictive text on his phone got it wrong. I didn’t get one til the very end of the night though which was a bit crap but very nice when it finally happened. Mmm! 🙂

In Bar Non it was a bit crap. Jen and Archie got bored and went home early, and Kevin kept parading some girl in front of me. Like I give a toss!

Jonas stayed though and was being nice to me. He said some bloke was looking at me cos I’m “dead sexy” (I think not!) and he said I had a nicer arse than some girl Archie was admiring. Jonas also said I’ve got muscly legs at the bottom which is “cool” apparently.

Afterwards, some lads in the bus stop were taking the piss and saying if Jonas wasn’t going to shag me, they would. He just grinned at them and cuddled me.

Earlier on in the night in the Rock Café, Jonas took his piercings out. He looked weird but still really nice. He also offered me his coat when it was cold. Sweet! 🙂

Jonas didn’t realise who Jake was until I pointed him out tonight. I hope he doesn’t think I still like Jake cos I don’t. Jonas is sooooo nice!


P.S. Grrr!! I’ve just found a really annoying text that bloody Kevin sent a few days ago. I don’t think I wrote it in here at the time but, even if I have, it’s greatly annoyed me reading it again so I’m writing it down again. It said, “I THINK U DESERVE A BOYFRIEND WITH A GREAT PERSONALITY + GOOD LOOKS, + PEOPLE THINK THAT SHOULD B ME. AND I’M NOT BEING ARROGANT + I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP.”

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