Dickhead, fuckwad, “I love myself” Kevin – 5th December 2001

Wednesday 5th  I was totally knackered today after staying up late at Jonas’s last night watching the weird cartoons so I ended up skiving my computer lecture thing this afternoon.

Jen and Archie had both told me they were going house hunting with Kevin but the little bastard didn’t bother telling me. I really wanted to go cos I want at least some say in where I’ll be living next year cos, even though I can’t stand Kevin much at the moment, I still want to live with them.

So, I rang up Kevin, pretending I wanted to know about coursework, and eventually got him onto the house hunting subject. He actually managed to make me cry (the fucker) by being really nasty. He also told Jen and Archie that I said I didn’t want to live with them next year. I never said that, I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to live with HIM next year, and that was only heat of the moment cos he was pissing me off asking about Jonas.

Anyway, I did end up going cos I rang Archie afterwards (still upset) and he said he was going to drag me with them if I didn’t stop being stubborn and just go anyway. He’s nice, unlike dickhead, fuckwad, “I love myself” Kevin.

I was glad Archie dragged me along in the end cos I would’ve felt really left out if I’d carried on being stubborn and not gone. It was quite exciting too, although I can see the potential arguments over who has which room already!

Kevin said he was looking for a 4 bedroom or 3 bedroom plus living and dining rooms (so we can convert to a 4th bedroom) terraced house, no more than £55,000. We got information for 3 houses there and then, one being on the same road as Jonas with 3 rooms in the basement, but they’re going to send any more they get to Kevin.

Ooh, I’ve just remembered what else bitchface Kevin said to upset me. He told me that LOADS of people think I’m a bitch for dumping him. Surely it would’ve been more unfair of me to let it carry on when I don’t like him all that much and then dump him later when he liked me more? He wouldn’t tell me who’d said it but eventually reeled off a long list of people when I thought it’d just be one or two.

Apparently Sally, Rick, Ben, Vicky and Paul all strongly disapprove of what I did. Well, they can all piss right off cos, apart from Paul, all of them have cheated on people since they went to Hudds. At least I had the decency to wait 2 whole days before I snogged Jonas!

Kevin can’t bloody well complain anyway – he snogged Cat, one of my best mates, on the same night. Ok, I did kind of ask her to but he doesn’t know that. Mind you, even if that lot did slag me off, Kevin was probably exaggerating about what they said and what he said to them anyway.

I went to see Zoolander at the cinema with Jonas tonight. It was a really good film and Jonas held my hand and tickled my arm all the way through. We only kissed once again and I managed to bash my teeth on his lip ring.

We sat on a bench in the freezing cold afterwards, waiting for my bus. He told me he’d got questioned about me by his housemates when I left last night.


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