Cats with hands – 3rd & 4th December 2001

Monday 3rd  I skived my lab today cos it was full of scary geographers and nobody I knew. Plus my rock lecturer is the spit of Ned Flanders off The Simpsons but a lot nastier therefore he’s scary too.

I found out Kevin’s after Sally now. I’m not bothered at all. I just feel sorry for her! What I don’t understand is why he only seems to go for girls on our course. There is life outside of Environmental Science, Kevin.

Jonas said he wasn’t going to come out tonight in a message starting, “MORNIN TESS : ) HOW R U 2DAY?” which was nice until I read on to the bit about him not coming out. I really can’t decide whether he really likes me or not. Then while I was sinking into a depression that he’s not that keen on me, I got a confusing text about homebrew which also said he was coming out after all. 🙂

I went to Camel Club as usual but spent most of the time sat talking to Jonas instead of dancing. He said he likes me a lot and sounded surprised when I told him I hadn’t been sure whether he did or not.

He got my birthday announced by the DJ who added “That was from Jonas who’s gonna give you a big snog” or something. He did! 🙂 The DJ also told him to take his lip ring out, which he did, but then then he couldn’t get it back in. Some girl noticed and came over to him and started trying to help him. I found it quite funny cos he obviously wasn’t interested (she obviously was!) and kept grabbing hold of my arm to stop me wandering off and leaving him with her.

I asked Jonas jokingly later, “So where’s your girlfriend gone?” meaning the one trying to sort his lip out but he pointed at me instead. 🙂 He said I was his girlfriend later on too when I asked where she was again. 🙂 Yey!!

Jonas told me I’ve got really soft hands (and a soft tongue!) and he took his lip ring out again so he could kiss me on the forehead. He also said it was nice (but cold) in the station with me last week and that I’ll have to stay at his again now he’s got more pillows from home. He said I was gorgeous too. So’s he!

I set Rick up with Layla’s mate Claire after he mithered me all night to find her and put in a good word for him.


Tuesday 4th  I went round to Jonas’s this evening. We just sat and watched weird, freaky, surreal cartoons about cats with hands and stuff.

[Eesh, I found it. Sweet dreams, everyone…..]

We only snogged once but he asked for a cuddle so we were snuggled up under a sleeping bag on the sofa. He told me to let him know if I’m doing anything tomorrow night. 🙂 That means he wants to see me. Yey!!


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