He put “xx” at the end – 1st & 2nd December 2001

Saturday 1st  I was bored for most of today with the odd message from Kevin saying he wants to talk adding a little bit of irritation to the day. There was nobody in my flat so I got the bus into town. Apart from Archie going to work in Sainsbury’s, there was nobody about.

I texted Jonas and he didn’t reply for ages but eventually told me he’s been to his nan’s and shopping and was bored watching the TOTP awards. I replied with 2 texts but I didn’t get one back for ages again. I was starting to think he was getting bugged by me but then when I was on the phone to Cat, he sent me 2 saying he used to get left alone in his flat too and he put “xx” at the end. 🙂 I didn’t put any on mine either so surely that’s a good sign.

Cat’s got an interview at Oxford Uni on Monday and she was saying how scared she is. She also thinks Archie’s sweet.

Jonas sent me a text saying he used to walk round the woods when he was bored. I asked why but I’ve had no reply. (Hee hee! That rhymes! 🙂 )


Sunday 2nd  I was bored again today. Jonas sent me a text 1st today saying he was on his way back. Things on TV keep being called Jonas at the moment which is weird.

Cat phoned from Oxford today. She’s still wetting herself. Abby rang too for some reason.

I think my teeth are moving. The top of my mouth’s really swollen and sore and my teeth feel bruised.

Kevin rang asking questions like “Is Jonas better looking/funnier than me?” etc. I wanted to say “YES!” but I thought that’d be a bit cruel. He also asked if I wanted to live with him, Jen and Archie next year. I don’t want to live with him but I’ve got no choice if I want to live with the other 2, which I do. I hate the way he’s kind of controlling the house situation. He keeps pointing out that if his dad buys a house, he’ll be our landlord.

Jen told me that Archie admitted he fancies me. Cat told me Archie’s going to ask Jonas what’s going on with us while I’m there so he has to give an answer. That could be awkward.


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