The warmest night he’s had in a while – 29th to 30th November 2001

Thursday 29th to Friday 30th  I had a pretty bad day at uni today, apart from Jonas sending me a message asking if it was okay if he came out with me tonight. Erm…. YES!!!

Anyway, I had a major panic about coursework which had to be handed in this afternoon. I’d done it but just not printed it off so I was going to do it in my 3 hour break before a lab. However, when I put my disk in the computer it wouldn’t work so I had to get on the bus back to Storthes, finish it off and print it out. Just as the last page was printing I saw the bus leaving out of my window so I had to wait for the next one and was late for the lab.

Kevin didn’t speak to me again until we got off the bus at the end of today, not that I really wanted to speak to him anyway. He apologised for the messages yesterday. I’d wanted to send him a 🙂 back but Archie wouldn’t let me cos that would’ve pissed Kevin off more. That was kind of the idea though! But instead I shouted at him and told him how much of a twat he is etc. I ended up forgiving him via text later cos his constant apologies were beginning to really piss me off.

I went to see The Others at the cinema with Archie and Jen this evening. It was quite good with an unexpected ending. I’d arranged to meet with Violet and Ronan and Violet’s friend Max afterwards so Jen dropped me off in town. I thought they were in the Chicago Rock Café so I was stood looking for them in there for ages before Vi texted me to say they were in the Rock Café. I couldn’t remember where the hell it was so I was wandering round on my own for ages. I knew Jonas was in town but he didn’t reply to my text asking where he was and I got his answer phone when I tried to ring.

Eventually, Ronan came to get me which I was glad about cos there were gangs of pissed blokes about which were worrying me slightly. I downed a few drinks in the Rock Café before we made our way to Bar Non.

I couldn’t see Jonas anywhere when I arrived so I thought he mustn’t have bothered coming but then he came up from the downstairs club and came over to me. He got my message saying I was on my own once he was upstairs with a signal and said he would’ve come and got me if he’d known. He was with his housemate Russ who shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek when he was introduced to me. A bit strange but never mind!

Jonas bought me a drink (I only had 75p left) and I ended up dancing on the bar thing with him, Ronan and Vi. Jake and Rick saw me and laughed but hopefully they were too pissed to remember! I saw Jonathan off my course too who never turns up anymore.

[Jonas on the right on the bar]

Jonas and I snogged quite a bit tonight (mmm!) and he said he wanted to bite my ear and did (hmm!). I danced on a table with Ronan and Vi but got told off cos it was all muddy.

Jonas and I went downstairs and sat and talked for a bit. I couldn’t find my mates so when the place closed I went and sat in the bus stop cos we thought there might have been a bus. There wasn’t and after Jonas was sick, we didn’t kiss much so we sat in the bus stop til 4am chatting.

He told me his parents have split up and his dad’s in the RAF and his mum’s just moved to Lincoln. He said he was born in Norfolk then lived in Germany for 8 years then lived near Inverness and now here in Huddersfield. He said he’s going to visit his mates in Scotland at Christmas and said we’ll have to meet up of I go too and we’re still “mates”.

He told me he went out with a girl from Crewe for 2 weeks but they split up cos they were too far away. He said he didn’t want a girlfriend the rest of the time when I asked how come he’s single now. He thought me and Jake went out for ages and asked if I loved him. I said yes but explained I didn’t anymore. I also told him about the Kevin stuff cos I thought someone else might say stuff otherwise.

Jonas started telling me about his dad wanting his lip pierced (I think) but he’s 40. He said his dad’s got a girlfriend with a son who could end up his stepbrother. I think Jonas said his dad wants him to teach him about drugs or something. Okay then!

I asked Jonas what was wrong with him e.g. gay/married/taken/got 3 kids etc. but he said none of those and that he hasn’t had the chance to have 3 kids. He said that he paints models (as in mini soldiers and stuff) and his room’s full of naked girly posters.

He kept saying I was sexy when I was asking why Sid liked me and stuff and seemed keen to see me in school uniform. He never had to wear it.

It got really cold outside so we decided to sit in the train station instead and pretended we were waiting for the train to Wakefield when someone asked. We stayed til about 5am but then got cold and tired so Jonas persuaded me to stay at his. He said I could have his bed and he’d have the sofa or we could both cuddle up on the sofa. I told him he could go home earlier but he said he didn’t want to cos he wanted to talk and get to know me.

It was quite a long walk to Fartown where he lives. I think he lives at 290 Bradford Road but I’m not sure. His room’s right at the top of the house in the roof and it’s quite cool. He’s got a living room thing up there too. He had got loads of girl posters up though and a few photos, one of which is a girl but I didn’t want to ask who it was. He said he can drive (passed 1st time recently) and will have a car at some point. He wants an old Mini or a new Beetle but is getting a G-reg silver Fiesta. It’s better than the nothing I’ve got!

We cuddled on the sofa under a sleeping bag (the heating was broken) and watched skiing on TV. He’s never done it or snowboarding but I think he said he skateboards or something. I’ve recently decided I like the skater sort of and he’s kind of got it.

I’ve had this stuck in my head since I typed this entry up:

I saw a group of lads when I was on the bus with boring Kevin and I liked the look of the skatey lads much more. Jonas said he buys most of his clothes from Rocks Off in town where me and Cat were going to have a look but forgot due to hangovers.

We ended up lying down and falling asleep before waking up a couple of hours later. I suggested bed might be comfier so we moved and cuddled there instead. Jonas said it was cosy and was the warmest night he’s had in a while. He kept tickling my arms and back really lightly and playing with my hair which was so nice. We tangled our legs up a bit and got closer and kissed but that was it.

We kept falling asleep and waking up again. He snored a bit! He kept looking at me and smiling when I opened my eyes. Ahh, he’s reeeally niiiiiice!! He’s got a teddy too!

We didn’t get out of bed til 1:30pm cos we didn’t want to. We kept saying we’d get up in 5 minutes and then didn’t. He got me a cup of coffee and packed his stuff up cos he’s going home to see his mum for the weekend to get his birthday cards and stuff.

He walked me to uni to the bus and I saw Storecard and loads of people Jonas knew on the way. It must’ve been obvious I stayed over cos I looked rough and was wearing going-out clothes. I found out Jonas lives with Russ and 3 girls but they’re all in their 20s. Jonas and I snogged goodbye by the uni cash machines and he said we’d text this weekend.

I’ve just remembered, when I was in Jonas’s bed, I said to let me know when he wanted me to go (we both ended up skiving lectures though) and he at 1st said “go away” (jokingly) but when I said “fine” and pretended to move he changed his mind and said “never”. 🙂 He also said it’s bad timing that he’s going home and he wouldn’t have done if he’d known about me earlier.

I got a message once he’d arrived in Lincoln saying he’d arrived at 6pm and went go-karting. I really hope he likes me cos I really do like him. He was really nice to me with the sofa/bed thing and even said he had a clean towel if I wanted a shower. He also kept asking me what I was thinking and he squeezed my arse in bed at one point.

When I was getting on the uni bus, some guy stopped his car and offered me a lift with his mate. Yuck! Creep!!

I kept getting texts and calls of Kevin all day, trying to get me to go out for a Chinese with him. I stupidly answered while I was in bed with Jonas and couldn’t get rid of him but I resisted the temptation to tell him where I was!


2 thoughts on “The warmest night he’s had in a while – 29th to 30th November 2001

  1. It’s like reading my own 20-something escapades (except that was the mid 90s in Oz, so more sunburn and kangaroos). But boring Kevin. Is it some kind of rite of passage to have a Boring Kevin era? I am so entertained by these, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Much less chance of even sunburn in Huddersfield. At least my Boring Kevin era didn’t last very long, not that he was happy about that. I’ve just typed up 5th December and Boring Kevin temporarily gets a much more colourful title!


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