Dodgy hunchbacked thrusting dance moves – 27th November 2001

Tuesday 27th  Jonas was sending me messages all day :). I didn’t go into uni because I was feeling extremely rough after last night. Jonas texted me 1st saying he was designing a bridge and asked me where his texts were. I replied and it continued all day. 🙂 I asked how his birthday went and he said, “IT STARTED PANTS BUT ENDED ON A HIGH, THANX! I DON’T FEEL ANY OLDER, DID U? SID DECLARED HIS LOVE FOR ME…” He then sent another saying he meant “as a friend”. Good! It’d be just my luck if he was gay.

I also had lots of messages from Ben. He asked if I meant what I said about liking him or if it was the drink and wanting to get back at Kevin. I explained it had nothing to do with Kevin but I was a bit pissed. I didn’t say I didn’t mean it though. I also called Kevin a gimp in one message and he stuck up for him until I told him he snogged Cat, then he sent a message with “KEVIN IS A GIMP” at the end. I’m evil!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to go out tonight but Jonas texted me to say he was going to Visage. All my flatmates, Jen, Archie and Kevin were going too so I thought I might as well go with them. I was pretty knackered after last night so I stayed sat down most of the night.

[At least I had a supply of VK Apple to perk me up.]

Jake came and sat down with me for a bit and chatted to me about stuff. I told him about Jonas cos I thought he might know him seeing as they’re both doing Architecture courses but he didn’t have a clue. Jake then spent the rest of the night doing his dodgy hunchbacked thrusting dance moves around Bronwen on a podium. I found it quite amusing actually cos he looked daft and obviously wasn’t getting anywhere.

I was beginning to think Jonas wasn’t going to come so I went to ask if I could get my phone from my coat in the cloakroom to see if he’d texted me. Just as I got there I walked past him and Sid, and Jonas pointed at me, smiled and came over. I’d been a bit worried that I wouldn’t remember what he looked like but I recognised him straight away.

Sid wandered off and Jonas came and sat with me. I don’t think Kevin was too pleased cos he got up and left. Jonas and I just talked all night. He said he’s got a 15 year old sister and he lived in Germany for 8 years cos his dad’s in the RAF.

I really like him!

He said I’ve got really soft hands and lips and that he like my lips. He asked me to bite my bottom lip (like I’d just been doing) again but I don’t know why. He was wearing nail varnish on one hand (he said he hadn’t got round to doing the other one) but it didn’t really look that weird on him cos he wears the same kind of stuff as Niall (a bit of a mosher from the year above me at college) and he used to wear it too, I think.

We didn’t hold hands or anything until Sid came over and made us. Jonas kept starting to say stuff and then stopping and saying he thinks too much. He then started saying stuff about being spontaneous (I couldn’t really hear over the music) and asked me what was another word for it. I said “impulse” and he said that was the word he was looking for, said something about acting on impulse and then leaned in and kissed me. 🙂 He said that was what he’d been thinking about and asked if I was okay with him doing it. Erm…. YES!!!

Sid kept coming over and told me that I was lucky to get Jonas’s number. I asked Jonas why and he told me that Sid had liked me 1st which is why I was lucky to get it. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that.

There were loads of people I knew in Visage including Ben. I wondered what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been with Jonas but then Jonas seems really nice so I’m not that bothered really.

Jonas said, “I’m not a complete psycho or anything but…” and went on to ask me what my surname is cos he was looking me up on the uni email thing and there are 2 Tessas apparently. I was quite pleased to hear he’d done that actually cos surely that means he’s interested. I saw his surname’s Howley on his NUS card. I don’t think he’s got a middle name.

Jonas came and queued up for my coat with me and then walked to the taxi place with me. He asked if I was having a flat party anytime soon which I think was a hint for an invite if I was. We snogged 3 more times before I got a taxi. Mmm! 🙂

He sent me a text too saying to text him tomorrow. I will! He offered to let me ring Jen on his phone too when we lost her. He said his dad pays for it as a birthday present. While we were talking he tickled my hands and tucked my hair behind my ears and held my face when we kissed which was nice.

I got a phone call from Kevin when I got back. I told him I didn’t want to get back together but he kept going on at me. I think he’s really pissed off, especially about Jonas cos me being with someone else kind of confirms I won’t get back with him.


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