How exactly is that my fault?! – 20th & 21st November 2001

Tuesday 20th  I’ve been sooo knackered after going out. I’ve totally gone off Kevin again too. I can’t see me ever having anything with anyone even slightly like it was with Jake.


Wednesday 21st  I had an email from Cat today saying Jake emailed her saying he was single and enjoying it and some gay lad fancies him.

I went to the Arbar this evening with Archie, Jen, Kevin and Jen’s mates Ryan and Martin. Kevin irritated me so much. Archie made up some word when we were talking about diseases and Kevin pretended he knew what it was. When I pointed out it doesn’t exist, he argued with me. He just wouldn’t admit he was wrong. Instead of laughing it off, he sulked too before having a go at me cos he says people in general make comments about him thinking he knows everything. Erm….. how exactly is that my fault?!

I had a long chat with Kevin in my room afterwards. I told him how I was confused about what I wanted but he persuaded me to stay together and work it out without breaking up. He said he wants to visit me at home at Christmas. I don’t really want him to. He told me I’m beautiful too which I found hard not to laugh/be sick at!

Archie and Kevin want me to wear a skirt for the school disco tomorrow. I’ll see!


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