He kept saying he was going to skip home – 16th & 17th November 2001

Friday 16th  I went out to town tonight with Jen, Kevin, Archie, Archie’s flatmate Hazel and her boyfriend Kenny who’s Archie’s mate from home. We started at Milton then moved on to Warehouse.

Archie was very, very pissed! He didn’t drink before he come to uni so it doesn’t take much. He was being nice to me all night. He really fancies Bronwen and said she’s as nice as me. He said I’m thin and good-looking but was comparing me to Vicky. He said my top was sexy. I like Archie!! 🙂

I got back together with Kevin tonight. I decided I might as well cos I’m with him all the time anyway so I can’t do anything with other lads cos he’s there. We were cuddling on my bed when we got back and he kissed me so I didn’t stop him. He kept saying he was going to skip home and was happy and wasn’t going to stop smiling.

He looked nice tonight as well which I think is partly the reason why I decided to get back with him. Oh yeah, I was a bit pissed too.


Saturday 17th  Kevin stayed over last night but nothing happened again. I saw him all day too. It was boring so we just sat and cuddled and watched TV,


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